Time will come

Skies of Benguet

Time will come

After all, Its just a face that winks and hides some phases you shouldn’t be knowing about.
No matter how obvious the night that told us to fall asleep, still..
it’s beneath our closed eyes that dream, more than a fearless morning with a light beam.

Time will come, curtains will fall with fire from the sun to the grounds of salt.
to unblemished souls screaming of swollen veins and swollen bones,
to unfurl old thought that turns cold fronts,
to engrave words of speaking, to those who forgot it all.

Time will come, it will make you believe.
that, Yes! it exist and
Yes! wonderful are the things it made me feel and
Yes! it’s all worth it, Indeed!

Time will come, it will stumble you from tears.
like a blank weary stare in front of some pages in your diary.
like a million poems that are never written nor spoken but clearly seen.

Time will come, it will make you unnoticeable.
like a spoon full of sugar dropped onto the Pacific scheme.
like a crystalline rock in a basket of gold.

Time will come, you’ll lose.
like an apple that was ripped to fed the goat.
Time will come, you’ll just die.
because dying is to breath, and breathing is to die.


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