“BreatheMyThoughts: LENSCAPADE” image BreatheMyThoughts: how I wish to be with someone who’s willing to spend every sunset of his life with me above every strong waves that will crash our ocean. To be in this such a magestic view, wherein strangers will can’t help but to capture my memory from my behind.

April 3, 2015. Friday. Actually our family didn’t expect this trip dapat Batangas Beach lang kami, Im not worried panga that I left my phone sa bahay kasi I thought it’s just a wholeday adventure but then God is great nagpatuloy ang manubela ng sasakyan papuntang Batangas Port, at napasakay kami ng RO-RO. My heart jump for excitment and relief…. well, not because of I left my phone and of going to Puerto for the FIRST TIME or for ridding RO-RO, but of the fact that I will not be able to answer all commitments sa school and social media, take note its unintentional! Haha Kidding! of course because of it is MINDORO island and I know what is waiting for us there. Thank God I brought my Lolo NIKON with me to catch all beautifully created scenes from our 3 day journey. 🙂

3am from cavite we went to a road trip searching every beaches in Batangas na peaceful, whitesand with electricity, cottages or hotel because I have my 1 year old sister with us soo.. yeah we need to be not eating on a banana leaf or creating bonfire for roasting marshmallows or stargazing whole night with our tent open, how sad. 😦

Anyway, 8am maybe its the time my mom realized that its hopeless to get what we want, hello! Its a pick season sobrang puno yung mga beaches in Batangas. Around10am we arrived from Calatagan to the Port. After an hour waiting, another hour and a half was spent through sea adventure via Father n Son for 500/person/round trip  (we heard that its the “best” hehe) plus 30php terminal fee. then around 12:30 we arrived in Puerto at last! Ps: you need to pay 50php for maintenance/entrance/environmental/yeah.


We had our lunch at the first restaurant that we saw cos we’re super gutom na, but there are so many affordable food from fastfood burgers to best inihaw at Puerto, lakad ka lang hangang dulo ng beach sunod-sunod na yun. *insert wink* 😉


We checked in at the White beach Resort hotel. Aircondition family room with television and heater for about 3, 500php/day only. Souvenir shops, night performances, sea activities and different varieties of food makes the island intresting and fun to be in for families and friends.







 Idunno what my baby sis was thinking back then but she is so cute… hahahahaha Maldita!

I have my greatest confessions!

1. On our 2nd day while walking along the beach with kiddos, they’re absolutely loving the sand making castles and burying bro on it. I saw this group of teenagers also burying something.. guess what? They’re hidding shattered redhorse glass bottle sa sand! seriously??? Ayun I stared eye to eye to whom is actually doing the process, and he stared back at me! And I was like.. are you kidding me? Binitawan nya yung bottle leaving the head nakalitaw sa sand. Nilapitan ko sila and hinukay all of the pieces while almost shouting question “bakit kayo nababaon ng basag na bote dito sa buhangin?” Nagtinginan yung mga tao around us, and Their response? Of course dineny nila. Tsktsk. I approach nalang someone to clean it. *sigh* I just can’t believe that despite of all the reliefs, enjoyment, escape, etc that our nature is giving us nagagawa padin ng ganitong mgatao na mgatrip ng makakasira ng lugar at the same time makapanakit ng kapwa! INTENTIONALLY!

Result: I was paranoid to walk again sa sand kasi baka hindi lang sila yung nagtatanim ng shattered glasses dun. 😦 😦 😦 😦

2. A mom letting her child POOP on the sand tas tinabunan lang! Shooooot! What is happening to humanity? Pano na yung mga nagbubungkal o humihiga at nagliliwaliw sa buhangin?????? 😟 Natulala nalang ako at iniwasan yung pinagdausan nung bata. Minsan hindi lahat ng pagkakataon may kailangan kang gawin inisip ko nalang natural lang naman yun dati nung wala pang Comfortrooms. 😑

Night lights at Puerto.


Anyway, one thing is important… that we have these kinds of resources in our country that we can celebrate and feel through our nerves so what are you waiting for? INVADE THE PLANET PEOPLE! THERE ARE LOTS OF AMAZING PLACES! GO OUT THIS SUMMER! PS: PLEASE DO YOU PART! Be responsible! 😎😎😎😛😜


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